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"What is a Boy?"He's an imp and an angel,
a dreamer, a tease An explorer of meadows, and a climber of trees.
A runner of errands, and doer of chores.
Who tears his best trousers, and tracks up your floors.
He's a solemn young man with some mud on his feet,
And a daredevil riding his bike down the street.
A bundle of questions, who wants to know "why",
The world goes around and the stars fill the sky.
But adventurous, timid, excited
or quiet,
There's nothing so new that he won't care to try it.
And just when your temper and patience wear thin,
He'll look up at you with an innocent grin.
And your heart melts again with your real pride and joy,
In that mischievous, wonderful treasure--- your boy.
Author: Unknown